Special guests of the Public Festival Programme
Dieter Neubert (Germany; Kassel Fotobookfestival)
Lesley A. Martin (USA; creative director of Aperture Foundation)
Andrew Sanigar (Great Britain; Executive editor of Thames and Hudson)
Calin Kruse (Germany; Photographer, editor at dienacht magazine+publishing)
Peter Puklus (Hungary; Artist, photographer)
Salvatore Vitale (Switzerland; Photographer, main editor of Yet Magazine)
Delphine Bedel (France; Artist, researcher, founder of Meta/Books and Amsterdam Art/Book Fair)
Matthieu Charon (France; Photographer, designer, publisher of the RVB Books)
Anastasia Bogomolova (Russia; Artist, curator)
Nadezhda Sheremetova (Researcher; curator, director of the «Foto Departament»)
Alexander Lavrentiev (Russia; Art historian, professor of Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts)
Natalia Baluta, Elena Kholkina, Alla Mirovskaya (Russia; Group of Russian Independent self-published)
Daria Tuminas (Holland; Lecturer, photography researcher)
Vladimir Svetlov (Latvia; Publishing company «Orbita»)
Yana Romanova (Russia; Photographer)
Irina Popova (Russia/Holland; Photographer, publisher of Dostoyevsky publishing)
Artur Ionauskus (Russia; Photographer)
Maarten Schilt (Holland; Publisher of Schlit Publishing)
Vaclav Macek (Slovakia; Director of the Central European House of Photography)
Danila Shorokh (Russia; Lecturer at the British Higher School of Art & Design)
Ekaterina Bogachevskaya (Russia; Academy «Photographika»)

and many others!
12.05 — 28.05
The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography
«olotnaya emb. 3-1, Moscow, 119072,
+7 (495) 228-98-78
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