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Expert Photobook Review
Expert Photobook Review invites experts from various fields and industries, not related to photography, but connected with author's ideas and intentions, to "read" the photobook and review it from their professional point of view. Normally when someone asks: "Who is the audience of your photobook?" we, authors, answer "Everybody", or "All people who are interested in this topic", but very often our books function only inside photography and artistic market, being interesting to a circle of collectors and friends.

"Expert Photobook Review" shows how photobooks can be understood outside community, finds bridges that may connect artistic photography world and people who are not specialists in it
and question if a contemporary photobook may function in several fields.

As part of the festival we will hold a series of live reviews by experts to various Russian photobooks presented in the show.
The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography
Bolotnaya emb, b. 3-1

12.05 — 18.06
The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography
«olotnaya emb. 3-1, Moscow, 119072,
+7 (495) 228-98-78
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