Hooray! The winner of the PHOTOBOOKFEST2018 Dummy Contest is Andrey Ivanov with his project "Go there I don't know where, Take a picture of that I don't know what"!
Мы рады представить шорт-лист этого года, в который вошли 25 очень разных и захватывающих проектов:
Andrey Ivanov
Go there I don't know where, Take a picture of that I don't know what!
1st place
Ekaterina Egorova
How well the trees have grown!
2nd place
Alexander Anufriev
Russia Close-Up
3rd place
We are happy to present this year short-list, which includes 25 very different and inspiring projects:
Alexander Anufriev
Russia Close-Up

Vera Barkalova Baby

Anya Bocharova Bona fide, Lebanon!

Alexander Chernavskiy
Cult of V.V.P.

Andrii Dostliev Occupation
Aleksey Naumchik Y Minsk

Sergey Novikov, Yann Gross

Margo Ovcharenko Before and in Time

Evgeniy Petrachkov Malinikha

Irina Purtova
1312 seconds & 206 Mississippi
Nikita Ponomarev Thin clear line

Natalya Reznik Hope

Fyodor Savintsev Space

Vitaly Severov Summer Shore

Ksenia Sidorova Simplex

Anastasia Tsayder Mzensk
Ekaterina Egorova How well the trees have grown!

Andrey Ivanov
Go there I don't know where, Take a picture of that I don't know what

Ksenia Ivanova
On the Verge

Varya Kojevnikova Flowers for Rita

Tatjana Lind Touching the sky: chimney sweepers
Ksenia Tsykunova Speed-up

Anton Vinogradov The space of feebleness

Liza Zhakova
We don't think

Alena Zhandarova
I was my great grandfather
We received 118 dummies from 6 countries, that is fantastic! The first tour jury team was formed by Russian photography specialists Olga Averianova, Leonid Gusev, Vlada Kuznetsova, Anna Zekria, Valeriy Nistratov, Kirill Savchenkov.

One greater thing is that Treemedia publishing house has joined the Contest. Treemedia will be the official publisher of the winning dummy.

The short-listed dummies, as well as special mentioned ones, will be exhibited at the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography from 22 nd of May till 24 th of June 2018.

The winner announcement and awarding ceremony will be held in the 1 st of June 2018.
Round jury
Leonid Gusev — publisher of photography books since 2003. He is the head of the publishing house Treemedia, which has published books «#Draft» by Dimitri Markov, «My Moscow», «Weekend», «I've seen Rock-n-roll» by Igor Mukhin, «Photography as…» by Alexander Lapin, «The Road» by Lyalya Kuznetsova, «Last Empire» by Sergey Maximishin, Russian-language editions «7 rooms» by Rafal Milach and «Black passport» by Stanley Greene etc.

Valeri Nistratov — photographer, he has been teaching documentary photography course in the Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia. Valeri Nistratov began his photographer's career at the age of 17. From 1991 to 1993 he worked as a news photographer covering the dramatic events of the fall of USSR for international media. In early 1994 he reconsidered his photography career and chose the path of art-documentary photography. When working on his personal projects, Valeri Nistratov travels Russia, China, Afghanistan etc. The main themes of Valeri Nistratov's photographic research is: local identity, mentality and consciousness of post-soviet and modern Russian people, social environment and man-altered landscape.
Olga Averianova — curator, PhD in art, teacher, artist, head of the art photography department. Curator of exhibitions at the Pushkin State museum of Fine Arts «Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer's Life 1990–2005» (2012), «Man Ray. Portraits» (2014), «Erwin Olaf. Homage to Louis Gallait» (2016), «Yasumasa Morimura. The history of the self-portrait» (2017), «William Henry Fox Talbot. At the Origins of Photography» (2018) etc.

Anna Zekria — curator, co-founder and managing director of «Saltimages», an independent photography agency based in Moscow, 2008 – 2011 — head of the «Agency.Photographer.Ru». Jury member of number of international contests such as Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund, MACK First Book Award. In 2012 — jury member of multimedia contest World Press Photo. Invited curator of the project CURATE NYC (New-York, 2014), Schilt Publishing& Gallery (Аmsterdam, 2017).
Vlada Kuznetsova — photo editor, teacher at the photography school «Photoplay» in Moscow. From 2005 — chief photo editor at «Glamour Russia», «Conde Nast». 2002-2005 — photo editor «Marie Claire Russia», «Forbes Style Russia», 1996 – 2002, 1996 – 2002 — сo-director of the international festival «InterFoto» and all-Russian contest «Russian Press Photo contest "Best Photo"», 1993 –1999 – fixer and translator of American and European photojournalists in Russia, Uzbekistan and Chechnya.

Kirill Savchenkov — artist who works with various media such as performance, installation, video and photography. His last personal exhibitions are «Office of Sensitive Activities / Applications Group» (2017) organized by V-A-C foundation, «Museum of Skateboarding» (2016) at the Calvert22 gallery in London. Kirill participated in the exhibition «Toward the Source» at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and took part in main and parallel projects of 4th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art. He has been teaching at the Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia in Moscow since 2012 («Present photography» seminar).
Final jury
Regina Maria Antzenberger (Austria) – artist, curator, founder and director of the AnzenbergerAgency and Anzenberger Gallery. She has been co-director of the ViennaPhotoBookFestival (2013-2017). Member of the Nominating Committee of the Joop Swart Masterclass and the Prix Pictet.

Sonia Berger (Spain) – curator, freelance publisher, director of Dalphine, a publisher and bookstore specializing in photo books, member of La Troupe collective focusing on art projects, Collaborates with the Blank Paper School of Photography in Madrid.

Arnis Balcus (Latvia) – photographer, video artist, editor-in-chief of FK Magazine, Director of Riga Photomonth festival, lecturer in documentary photography at the International summer school of photography (ISSP) and Riga Stradins University.

Daria Tuminas (Netherlands/Russia) – freelance researcher and curator, in particular the curator of the Unseen Dummy Award and photobook market within the framework of Unseen Amsterdam.

Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber (Germany) – photographers, curators, designers, founders of the publishing team Böhm Kobayashi who has more than 10 years publish author's photobooks and zines. The winners of the LUMA Foundation in 2016 in the framework of the festival "Les Rencontres d'Arles" in Arles (France) with the project "You and me."

Nathalie Herschdorfer (Switzerland) – curator, historian of photography, Director of the Museum of fine arts in Le Locle (since 2014) and the Swiss festival of photography Alt. + 1000 (since 2010). For several years he has been the curator of Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography (FEP). Previously, she worked at Musée de l'elysée in Lausanne for twelve years.

Terms and conditions
11 – The winner will have his/her dummy published by the partners of the PHOTOBOOKFEST 2018.

12 – Shortlisted works will be shown at the PHOTOBOOKFEST 2018.

13 – The winner will be selected by an international jury and announced at the PHOTOBOOKFEST 2018

14 – By submitting an application, the author consents to the use of images from his photobook in any festival-related activities (exhibitions; on-screen presentations; informational and promotional publications in print and online media; on the festival's website and social media pages, in the works of art criticism; in the festival's publications; for research and educational purposes).By sending you application to the Photobook Dummy Contest, you agree on terms and conditions.

1 – The contest is free of charge

2 – Eligible submissions must be photobook dummies - hardcopies designed and produced by the author independently; printed in no more than 30 editions and have no ISBN number.

E-photobooks will not be accepted (!)

3 – The contest is open for authors from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.

4 – Participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.

5 – Each participant might submit max 3 dummies. Each dummy must be submitted as a separate application.

6 –The dummy must be posted to The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Bolotnaya nab, 3, bld 1, Moscow, Russia, 119072, at the author's own expense and risk.
7 – The deadline for applying is April 15th 2018.

8 – Participants must complete the electronic application form, and email it to assistant@photobookfest.com The application must be completed in either Russian or English.

9 – The application must contain a WeTransfer link to the pdf-file of the photobook dummy and an image of the book cover. The pdf-file must be average in size, containing all the pages of the book in chronological order from the front cover to the back cover. The image must be in .jpg format with the resolution of 300 dpi.

10 – The dummies submitted to the contest will by default remain in the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography's collection. However, in the event that the work is not shortlisted and the author would like it returned, it must be noted in the application, and the author must collect it in person from the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography's office when the festival is finished.
What is a photobook dummy?

Hardcopies designed and produced by the author independently; printed in no more than 30 editions and have no ISBN number.
What are the main criteria for the jury team?

Absolutely everything is important: idea, design, materials, and photography as well.

The winner will have his/her dummy published. Shortlisted works will be shown at the PBF Contest exhibition and estimated by international jury team.
What is the first prize?
Strategic partners
Media partners
The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography
«olotnaya emb. 3-1, Moscow, 119072,
+7 (495) 228-98-78
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