Library exhibition:
"Bookshelf Deutscher Fotobuchpreis"
18 November
From October 24 in the library of The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography will be opened a new pop-up exhibition "Bookshelf: Deutscher Fotobuchpreis".

The books presented here – laureates of the prestigious prize 'Deutscher Fotobuchpreis' which is annually awarded to photographers, designers and publishers for the best photobook design in Germany – were kindly donated by The German Book Information Center (BIZ) Moscow within the framework of the Photobookfest 2017 to the Library.

We thank The German Book Center for such a great present and invite our visitor to explore it at our stand.
  • Santu Mofokeng . Santu Mofokeng: The Black Photo Albim, Look at Me: 1890
  • Rinko Kawauchi. Ametsuchi
  • Ponte City. Авторы фото Mikhael Subotzky, Patrick Waterhouse
  • Roberto Koch . GROSSE FOTOGRAFFEN.
  • Ecal Photography
  • Martin Schoeller. Portraits
  • Horst Hamann. ANY: Absolute New York
  • Anreas Meichsner. The Beauty of Serious Work
  • Xavier Barral, Francis Rocard, Alfred S. McEwen. MARS
  • Micha Pawlitzki. Orchideen
  • Heidi Hans-Jürgen Koch. Buffalo Ballad: on the Trail of an American ICON
  • David Campany. Walker Evans the magazine work
  • Dirk Brömmel. Kopfüber
  • Okwui Enwezor, Rory Bester. Rise and Fall of Apartheid: Photography and the Bureaucracy of Everyday Life
  • Viviane Sassen. In And Out of Fashion
  • Christopher Capozziello. The Distance Between Us
  • Fabian Weiß. Wolfskinder
  • Wolfgang Maderthaner, Michael Hochedlinger. Untergang einer Welt: Der Große Krieg 1914-1918 in Fotografien und Texten
  • Sergio Larrain
  • Haus der Photographie Deichtorhallen. Ute Mahler, Werner Mahler
  • Barbara Probst
  • Michael Freeman. Capturing Light: Das Herz der Fotografie
  • Through a Soldier's Lens: Europe in Fifties. Фотографии Bill Perlmutter
  • Andre Giogoli: Schwarzweiß-Fotografie
  • Nathalie Mohadjer. ZWEI BIER FÜR HAITI
  • László Moholy-Nagy: Sehen in Bewegung
  • Matthieu Gafson. Only God Can Judge Me
  • Bruce Barnbaum. Die Kunst der Fotografie
  • Gabriele Basilico, Diener & Diener architects. Common Pavillions
  • Kathryn Cook. Memory of Trees
  • Igor Samolet. Be happy
  • Heiliges Indien
  • Mitch Dobrowner. Sturm
  • Julian Röder. World Wide Order
  • Martin Zurmühle. Bildsprachen zeitgenössischer Fotografen
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