The winner of Photobookfest Dummy contest 2018 has been revealed
16 June 2018
Черкассы. 30 марта 2016. В поисках Ленина © Niels Ackermann, Lundi13
The winner of Photobookfest Dummy contest 2018 was announced at the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography on 1st June. Andrey Ivanov's photobook «Go there I don't know where, take a picture of that I don't know what» was selected by a Russian and international jury.

Andrey Ivanov about his work: «When I became a parent, I had an idea to make a photographic book for children. I started to photograph subjects and images of Russian fairy tales. At first it was a series of purely staged photos but then I noticed that some of the documentary photos found fit perfectly into this fabulous series».

Photobookfest has received 118 dummies from 6 countries this year. The first tour jury team was formed by Russian photography specialists Olga Averianova, Leonid Gusev, Vlada Kuznetsova, Anna Zekria, ValeriyNistratov, Kirill Savchenkov. They have chosen 25 dummies which formed the short-list. THE Final round jury team (ArnisBalkus, Daria Tuminas, Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber, Nathalie Herschdorfer, Regina Maria Antzenberger, Sonia Berger) have selected one winner.

Austrian curator Regina Maria Antzenberger explains her choice: «It has been my preferred book from the beginning, It has everythinga photobook should have: excellent photography, well thought OUT and good design and a particular idea with the cover design of the x-ray babushka. Looking at it is like travelling through Russia with all its myths and hidden legends».

2nd place has been given to Ekaterina Egorova's photobook «How well the trees have grown»! Ekaterina tells the story of her family in another way and understands her place in it. Alexander Anufriev's photobook «Russia Close-up», in which he represented Russia, took 3d place.

The competition was open for the second time to photographers and creative collectives from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. The short-listed dummies, as well as special mentioned ones, will be exhibited at the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography until 24th June 2018.

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