New photobook by Ikuru Kuwadjima "I, Oblomov" is being released

1 Dec
On Friday, December 1, within the scope of the XIX International Book Fair non/fiction, a presentation took place of "I, Oblomov", a book by a Japabese photographer Ikuru Kuwadjima, who was the winner of the Photobook Dummy Contest of the Photobookfest 2017.

The book represents a photographic re-thinking of the famous novel by Ivan Goncharov. Ikuru Kuwadjima explored the post-Soviet space of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan through the lens of "oblomovism".

"…Oblomov's strange lethargy – or "Oblomovshchina" (Oblomovism) – continues to be a powerful force in Russia today",
writes Ikuru in the foreword in his book, "In this book, I offer my own interpretation of this distinctly Russian phenomenon through a series of self-portraits and interior photographs…"

"I, Oblomov" was published with the support of "Pareto Print" Publishing Polygraphic Complex, in a limited edition of 500 copies and can be considered as a modern example of livre d'artiste (artists's book). It was released with 6 different versions of the cover, which imitate a pillow.

The presentation of "I, Oblomov" book took place at the stand of ABCdesign, a design bureau and strategic partner of the contest. Ikuru Kuwadjima conducted an autograph signing session while the festival's curator Katerina Zueva told about the plans for the contest in 2018.

Ikuru Kuwadjima is a Japanese photographer. He studied in the University of Missouri (USA), traveled across Romania, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia. His work was acknowledged by Kassel Dummy Award, Self Publish Riga, Vienna Photobook Award, Rock Your Dummy, Fujifilm Distinction Awards and many others.

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